Architectural Influences of Herzog and De Meuron's 160 Leroy

The luxury condo project at 160 Leroy in the West Village - one of our favorite new developments - has launched sales and units are selling quickly.  We found it interesting to note some of the works by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer that inspired the very modern, but graceful curvilinear design.

First, a couple images of the Edificio Copan, a 38 story residential building in Sao Paulo that was completed in 1952:

Completed in 1972 and pictured below, Niemeyer's Communist Party Headquarters in Paris is another clear influencer of the 160 Leroy design:

While adding new elements and clearly offering a new take on Niemeyer's work, the renderings of 160 Leroy show a readily apparent continuation of many aesthetics.  Beautiful examples of the up and coming building below.

We love the building and have considered a variety of the available floorplans with clients.  Given the location on the borders of Hudson River Park and the West Village, the building has amazing potential - we can't wait to see it finished and would be happy to guide anyone interested through the purchase process.

Wesoky Team